Small felt banner workshop (1 Day)

Schools may like children to contribute towards making a small felt wall banner (approximate end size after felting: 120cm x 100cm) during a 1-day workshop, for perhaps a classroom wall or for your school reception area. The woolly picture is arranged in the morning and felted with warm soapy water during the afternoon session. Popular banner themes in schools have been seascapes, landscapes, jungles, animals, school emblems.... any theme is possible! This 1-day workshop is ideally suited to two classes of approximately thirty children per class over the school day. 

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Large felt banner workshop (2 Days)

This 2-day workshop allows many more children to contribute towards making a much larger felt wall banner for a special place in your school (approximate end size after felting: 160cm x 180cm). This workshop enables fantastic teamwork! Alternatively, two felt banners half the size of a large felt banner could be made instead for different Key Stages. Workshops are often based on a theme suggested by the school and recent workshop designs have included for example: The Rainbow Fish, Space Travel, My School Community, Ancient Egyptians, African Animals. Magic & Fantasy. This workshop is ideal for four classes of approximately thirty children per class over the two days.