Sculpture Workshops (1 Day)

Workshops at Primary Schools (and secondary schools)

I can also offer schools the opportunity for pupils to make their own individual sculpture (or small group sculptures) which aims to encourages and develop pupils 3D making skills. Within a workshop, pupils will have the opportunity to make a sculpture using newspaper, cardboard, tape and recycled materials. The sculpture would then be covered with modelling plaster bandage (Mod Roc) to create a hard surface to be painted in school with teachers when dry. Pupils would be shown examples of my own sculpture work to inspire them. This is a fantastic workshop for pupils to learn 3D creative making skills which they will be able to use during their time at school and beyond. 


Workshops are often based on a curriculum topics such as African Masks, Ancient Civilizations, Animals, Fish, Space etc. This 1-day workshop is ideal for two classes of approximately thirty children – a class in the morning and a different class in the afternoon (or approximately a 2 hour session at secondary school). 






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