I have worked with many schools throughout the UK and below are some positive comments from past feltmaking textile workshops.

“Heidi's workshop was brilliant. We managed to create two felted banners in two days and over 100 children were actively involved. Heidi inspired the children and showed lots of examples of her work and we learned all about the science and history of felt making. Heidi is very reliable, organised and punctual. I would heartily recommend her workshops for all age ranges”.

Head of Art, Cheam School, Newbury, Berkshire.

2-Day Felt Banner Workshop.


“The felt workshop day was a huge success and everybody had a wonderful time. Heidi worked with Years 1 and 2 and all the teachers said it was an excellent experience. All the children really enjoyed the different processes and they all made a little piece of felt from start to finish. We were all very impressed and would definitely have Heidi again. She was also very organised, friendly and good at talking to the children”.

Class Teacher, St. James Pre-Preparatory School, Dulwich, London. 1-Day Felt Picture Workshop.

“The children really enjoyed the feltmaking workshop. Heidi taught us all of the important steps we needed to create a beautiful felt piece. The children used their imagination to make leaves, tress and woodland creatures which were combined together to make one large magical woodland felt scene. Heidi enthused the children’s learning with her teaching and they all enjoyed learning a new skill”.

Class 1 teacher, Eckington First School, Worcestershire.

1-day Felt Banner Workshop.

"Will definitely be doing this workshop again next year! All the students enjoyed the 1-day ‘drawing pictures with wool’ workshop. An absolutely fantastic experience for all abilities. The A-Level student’s felt pictures are amazing and the work will help support marks in their portfolios”.

Head of Art, Quinton House School, Northampton.

1-Day Felt Picture Workshop, Key Stage 3-5.


“The children thoroughly enjoyed the felt workshop and the finished piece of work looks fantastic. Thank you Heidi for all your help with the inspiration, the design, the creation and the imagination. We are delighted”.

Head Teacher, Harpole Primary School, Northamptonshire.

2-Day Felt Banner Workshop.

“I liked using the brush things and making the wool pictures”.

“Felt feels like it’s made from cotton wool”.

“I enjoyed rolling the big roll – it felt like carpet”.

“I’ve been scrapping the wool to mix it up - felt is fun!"

“I liked it when we were putting the water on the picture”.

Year 1 pupils. Ashton Primary School, Northamptonshire.

1-Day Felt Banner Workshop.

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