Felt picture workshop (1 Day)

Workshops at Primary Schools - Key Stage 1 & 2.

I can offer schools the opportunity for pupils to make their own individual hand-made felt picture (approximately A4 size) using  merino wool to create exciting colours, textures and patterns. Workshops are often based on a class topics at key Stages 1 & 2, such as Nature, Space, Faces, the Vikings, Victorians, Ancient Egyptians, World Wars, The Great Fire of London. When dry, the felt pictures can then be displayed separately or hung all together in your school. This 1-day workshop is ideal for two classes of approximately thirty children – a class in the morning and a different class in the afternoon. 

Workshops at Secondary Schools - Key Stages 3-5.

1-day individual feltmaking picture workshops are particularly suited to Year 10, GCSE and ‘A’ level students working towards their individual arts portfolio. Workshops will provide an enriching opportunity for students to develop their creative skills, knowledge and imagination to make a unique and expressive piece of felted artwork during the day.




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